Meet our seasoned team...


Adrian Moldovan

Operations Manager

Adrian came to Canada in 2003 and shortly after started working for QUSAC Decaf. In his time at QUSAC, Adrian worked his way up from the production floor to become QUSAC's first Operations Manager. In 2019, when GBH Depot opened its doors for business, Adrian joined the new company to lead its team to success. Adrian believes that success comes from working hard half a day every day. He notes that he is very lucky to have the option of picking which half he works. Either the first twelve hours or the second twelve.


Chantal St-Denis

Supply Chain Coordinator

Chantal grew up in a logistics rich home life. She admired her dad’s dedication to transport and learned firsthand to work hard, be dedicated and never give up. In her early years, she had hoped to become a drummer, join a band and travel the world but her roots in the logistics business were too strong.

Since 1997, Chantal has worked in the transport industry in various capacities. Whether it be by air, sea or land, she has seen it all. With more than 20 years of experience, she has the knowledge needed to get the job done right.

Today, she has embraced the opportunity to join her passion for transport and her love of coffee. Maybe one day she will get the chance to beat the drums in a band and travel the world. For now, she beats the drum in the shipping office and gets to practice her language skills while talking transport with shippers from all over the world.


Erich Stettler

Warehouse Manager

Erich joined QUSAC in 2009 as a production operator at various levels at the decaf facility. Two years later, he was nominated to become the new Logistics Manager for QUSAC. Since 2011, Erich has been managing all aspects of logistics for QUSAC Decaf.

In 2019, Erich jumped at the opportunity to head the logistics department at GBH. His years of experience in the logistics of moving coffee from around the world is a tremendous asset. His Swiss background keeps the train on the tracks and running on time. As the detail-oriented person he is, Erich can’t stand around waiting for issues to arise which is directly contrary to his love of fishing where he constantly stands around waiting for something to happen. I guess it helps to be an audiophile when waiting for the fish to bite!


Cody Kazulak

Logistic & Warehouse Assistant

Cody joined QUSAC Decaf in the summer of 2013. He spent his first year and a half on the floor working on the inbound and outbound traffic. If you know what it is to unload a truck of coffee, you will understand when we say, it was not exactly a glamorous job. Nevertheless, Cody persevered and worked his way up to the office in 2015. Cody’s love for architecture and design, explains his keen eye for detail. Outside the workplace, Cody is the social leader in his group of friends which is no surprise given his friendly and cheerful attitude.

In 2019, when GBH Depot opened, he was thrilled to learn that he would be getting in on the ground floor of this new operation. Cody continues to exercise his lazer focus when playing on his vintage Atari and Nintendo game consoles in his spare time and that focus carries over to his everyday life. He is meticulous and driven to outperform our customers expectations each and every day. His natural leadership skills and his logistics knowledge makes him a strong and reliable asset to our logistics department.